Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blind Spot

Local Driving School

By: Manish (Mani) Sondhi 
(877) DRIVE-16


No matter how good your vision is though, every vehicle has blind spots. These are areas that you cannot see in your field of vision, peripheral vision, or mirrors when looking forward.

Properly adjusting your side mirrors will help reduce your blindspots, but they cannot fix them completely. To best adjust your mirrors, push them outwards until you can just barely see the side of your car in them while in the driver seat

Small vehicles such as motorcycles will be especially hidden in blind spots. This means you always need to turn your head and look over your shoulder whenever changing lanes. How many times have you been riding with your parents in the passenger seat and you nearly see an accident as a car in front of you changes lanes and almost hits the car next to it? Most of the time it’s because the driver didn’t check his or her blind spot before changing lanes. Always check your blind spots!

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